Team Signin


Director, CSO

A passionate entrepreneur with a decade of experience in Internet Business and technology. Has a remarkable experience in the business sector which naturally encouraged him to connect business online. He has initiated the blueprint to build several brands and eventually digitalise them. An MBA Graduate from London School of Commerce, Malaysia in Association with Cardiff Metropolitan University-UK.


Finance Director

Value-driven business aspirant with over 12 years of experience in business from small to large scale organisations, corporate development, culture enhancement, business operations etc. Focused on simplicity, accountability, along with excellent leadership qualities and sustainable performance he is always there to encourage new possibilities.


Director, CTO

IT expert with the backbone of impressive experience in Web, Mobile App and other Online Business Solutions since 2004. Providing Internet Business Consultation and Technical advice to top notch companies in India and Middle East. Have done various keynote addresses and presentations at many events around the world on digital entrepreneurship and internet technology.

Suhair Aikkara


A Chief Product Engineer with seven years of experience in the tech field. Holds a B.TECH degree, which underpins technical expertise. In the role, oversees product development, managing teams of professionals to create innovative products. Extensive experience signifies a deep understanding of product engineering, and the position reflects seniority and leadership capabilities. The career journey exemplifies a successful blend of technical knowledge and leadership skills.

Fathima Finu P


An operations manager with a B.Tech qualification and nine years of professional experience in the role. Responsible for overseeing and optimizing various aspects of business operations, ensuring efficiency and productivity. The educational background in technology provides a strong foundation in technical and analytical skills valuable in managing operational processes. With nine years of experience, has likely developed expertise in process improvement, team management, and streamlining operations to meet organizational goals. The career trajectory reflects a commitment to effectively managing and enhancing operational efficiency.

Midhunraj P.M

Finance Manager

A finance manager with an MBA in finance and a decade of diverse professional experience spanning various sectors and countries. With expertise as a finance analyst, brings a wealth of financial knowledge and strategic insight to the role. The educational background and extensive experience make well-qualified to oversee financial operations, budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis within the organization. The multifaceted experience across different sectors and countries likely equips with a global perspective and adaptability that are valuable assets in the finance field. The career path showcases a deep commitment to financial management and analysis.

Akshay Anil

Social media manager

A Social Media Manager with a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) qualification and one year of experience in the field. In this role, responsible for planning, executing, and managing marketing campaigns for various purposes, such as product launches, promotions, or brand awareness. The educational background in business administration likely equips with the necessary knowledge of marketing principles and strategies, which is applied to create effective and successful campaigns. The role involves coordinating teams, analyzing campaign performance, and optimizing strategies to achieve desired results. The career path demonstrates proficiency in marketing despite the relatively short experience.

Riya Rafeek

Social media executive

A dedicated Social Media Executive, she holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and journalism (BAJMC). With a deep interest in digital platforms, she immerses herself in the world of digital marketing, believing that creativity and data-driven ideas can positively impact the online realm. Her goal is to assist businesses in thriving by establishing a strong online presence and reaching a broader audience.As a seasoned digital marketing strategist, she boasts a proven track record in successful campaigns. Her expertise spans various areas, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content optimization, and email marketing.



A gentleman to the core who has a thirst for knowledge and appreciates you no matter what. Always so vibrant and thoughtful. Friendly personality that leaves a lasting impression on the connections he makes. Has the flexibility to adapt to any new environment and work tirelessly on interesting projects and will make sure to bring success to all projects for the company. With a solid educational foundation, holding a Bachelor of Engineering degree, he combines technical knowledge with a keen business acumen. This unique blend of skills allows him to understand complex engineering concepts and translate them into practical, marketable solutions. He is equally comfortable discussing technical intricacies with engineers and presenting the same information in a compelling manner to potential clients and partners

Rakesh R

Software Engineer

A proficient PHP developer, he leverages his Bachelor Of Engineering in Computer Science (BE CS) as a foundation for his career in web development. His commitment to expanding his knowledge base and dedication to mastering PHP and related technologies make him a standout professional in the field. With strong leadership qualities and a knack for problem-solving, he excels not only in coding but also in leading teams and projects to success.

Anas Rahman

Software Engineer

A dedicated web developer with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (BBA), he is a fast learner with a strong work ethic. Despite his academic background, he has ventured into the realm of web development, demonstrating remarkable adaptability and a thirst for knowledge. His previous experience as a junior PHP developer has equipped him with the foundational skills required for the role. Committed and hardworking, he continuously strives to expand his expertise in web development.

Sajitha T

Software Engineer

A dedicated professional with a strong foundation in technology, holding a Master's degree in Computer Science (MSc CS). She has honed her skills as a PHP developer, demonstrating a profound expertise in web development and coding. With a passion for harnessing the power of technology to create innovative solutions, she brings her technical prowess to the forefront of her work, consistently delivering high-quality results and contributing to the digital landscape.


Software Engineer

A promising newcomer to the field of PHP development, she holds a Master's degree in Computer Applications (MCA) and is eager to embark on her journey as a PHP developer. Her educational background and enthusiasm for coding make her a valuable addition to the technology workforce, and she is poised to learn and grow rapidly in her role, contributing fresh perspectives and dedication to her projects.

Afla K.K

Software Engineer

A skilled and diligent PHP developer with a solid foundation in web design, she holds a Bachelor's degree in Commerce (BCom). Her hardworking nature is evident in her commitment to delivering top-notch web solutions. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a flair for design, she not only codes proficiently but also crafts visually appealing and user-friendly websites.